10 players who are likely to be good managers after Alonso becomes Leverkusen manager

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Xabi Alonso became Leverkusen managers at the start of October. And many believe that he will become a coach in the distant future. But who are some of today’s big players who are likely to become the best managers?

Bayer Leverkusen appoint Liverpool and Real Madrid legend Xabi Alonso as their new manager. It is the first team of the Spanish coach in terms of being a team manager. After spending three years in charge of Real Sociedad’s B team before retiring from the role in June to look for a new challenge. Alonso has had great success with the Basque club. They were promoted to the second division in 2021, a feat they were unable to do in the 60 years before Alonso was appointed. from his first success Who would have thought that Alonso would have done such a good job taking advantage of the vast knowledge gained from the many famous managers he had played for?

10 players who are likely to be good managers after Alonso becomes Leverkusen manager

          Who has Alonso played for? Throughout his time with Liverpool, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, it’s not surprising to hear that Alonso has worked with some of the best. His first great manager was Rafael Benitez at Liverpool. A manager known for his ingenious tactics. Alonso will make the most of his compatriots. At Madrid, he has worked with managers Manuel Pellegrini, Carlo Ancelotti and Jose Mourinho and When he finally arrived at Bayern He got the UFABET best from manager Pep Guardiola.

         We can only imagine Alonso’s extensive and extensive range of knowledge throughout his illustrious career. Combine that with an already sharp football intelligence. That would give him the ultimate team management idea, at least in theory. Of course, team management requires more than just the idea of ​​managing the game because you also have to lead the team. This event reminds me of other top players. Who has been trained to successfully manage a team? And here are 10 players who can have a big career as a manager once their time on the pitch is over.

10 players who can be great managers

Cesc Fabregas

          Cesc Fabregas has the perfect career for a player who wants to become a top manager. He joined the youth team at La Masia, Barcelona ‘s world-renowned football academybefore striking out inArsene Wenger’s famous Arsenal squad alongside the player. Like Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira , the Spaniard then went under Guardiola’s coaching at Barcelona and was part of a team that many see as best ever Before that, he did well under Mourinho at Chelsea and became a legend at the London club. Not to mention he is second to assists in the Premier League given his excellent footballing mentality. Many people believe that Fabregas was created for team management.

James Milner

          There are many reasons why Jürgen Klopp loves James Milner so much, but we bet there have to be two aspects to the idea of ​​his uncompromising and good leadership qualities. His favorite aspect of the English veteran We don’t think Milner is the most tactically brilliant manager unlike Fabregas. But he probably has a character that is more like Steve Bruce or Harry Redknapp .

Ilkay Gundogan

          The Manchester City boss was once asked which of his players had the greatest chance of becoming a manager. and his answer was well stated. “A midfield player, I think (Ilkay) Gundogan, could be that guy,” Guardiola said at a news conference in March 2022 ahead of the Champions League. league that week “Midfielders have the opportunity to be managers. and players who think about the football game as a whole Not just thinking about me, me, me.” “When these people start to understand the game as a whole. They will have the challenge of being a manager.” Gundogan was also previously under Klopp’s management at Borussia Dortmund and previously admitted that he Plans to take on a coaching job after he hangs up his boots

Joshua Kimmich

          Joshua Kimmich is only 27 years old and may have at least a decade to play. However, his aggressive personality combined with outstanding all-round versatility will make him more likely to be a manager at the top. Great as well

Sergio Busquets

          Sergio Busquets is known to have a quiet personality in the dressing room. So if he wants to be a team manager That might be the part he needs to improve. But like many on this list, he is a midfield who conquers everything at the top. Also, when someone spends their entire career in midfield at Barcelona, ​​you can be sure they are very knowledgeable. About how the game works

Gianluigi Buffon

          At this point, it might be a little unusual to look at goalkeepers for a team-management role. But if anyone is going to do well in this field, that person has to be Gianluigi Buffon. Buffon reportedly revealed his coaching ambitions in a recent interview with Sportskeeda: “ I felt a need in myself to take on this challenge. I feel that the essence of my life is to say that at the end of my life I’ll be satisfied with what I’ve accomplished because I’m living life to the fullest.” Buffon enjoys beautiful games. and finally when he hangs up the gloves He will also look for other roles in the game to entertain him.

Sergio Ramos

          Does Sergio Ramos have what it takes to lead the team? Of course, he has the ruthlessness of Diego Simeone, while his position at centre-back is second to none at the moment. We may see the Spanish defender taking charge of his former team Madrid after hanging up his boots. But whether that will be enough to convince him to pursue the team’s big boss role remains to be seen.

Virgil Van Dijk

         Dutch players often turn out to be great managers. We’ve seen that with players like Johan Cruyff and Ronald Koeman, both of whom have been solid players for their national team throughout their careers, as have Virgil van Dijk. C. So we don’t see a reason Van Dijk wouldn’t be able to be the next Orange Knight general to jump in for the job. as a center back You won’t find anyone as tactically good as this Liverpool star.

Nemanja Matic

         The Serbian is another defensive midfielder who has worked under great coaches throughout his career. Ancelotti and Mourinho are two of the best examples. And both coaches are doing their best to sign Nemanja Matic for both Chelsea and Manchester United . But there’s a good chance it certainly can.

Jordan Henderson

          Another Liverpool star who has been backed by Klopp, Darren Bent once backed Jordan Henderson for management, saying on talkSPORT : “You always knew he was committed. when we are at Sunderland He was young at the time, maybe 18 years old.” “There was a lot of talk about him. He connects with everyone But he puts his head down, works hard and sets a good example.” “I always knew he would become something special. He will always motivate the big players. It took a lot of courage to motivate the older players when they weren’t as hardworking as everyone else. He will be the one to blame them at the age of 18.”“Even in training He didn’t want his team to lose possession of the ball. He doesn’t want to lose in five-man football.” We don’t know what it is.”