Arteta strikes back after being slammed by Auba in latest leaked clip

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Mikel Arteta, Arsenal manager Responded to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after the Chelsea striker criticized him in a recently leaked video clip.

  Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has hit back at Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. After the Chelsea forward criticized his former boss in the latest leaked video. The Gabon international has moved out of the Gunners amid a situation that drew criticism in January. After he had a disagreement with Arteta and was stripped of the team captain due to disciplinary issues

Arteta strikes back after being slammed by Auba in latest leaked clip

           The 33-year-old, who scored 92 goals in 163 games for Arsenal , moved to Barcelona in La Liga but only six months later. He moved back to England to join Chelsea, Aubameyang, who has scored three goals in his last three games for the Blues, told A Jewelers on their YouTube channel. After leaving Arsenal for Barcelona but was released recently. And he made several visits to Arteta.

          “I remember them. (Barcelona) Call my father first,” Aubameyang told A Jewelers . “We knew Coach Xabi and he called me and said there was a chance because you had a problem with Arsenal, but if you come, you. It’s going to help us a lot, so I’m like, OK.'” “But to deal with important people. Or big players, then he (Arteta) can’t deal with it.” “He (Arteta) needs young players. they say nothing They only listened.”

          This time it was Arteta’s turn to give some retaliation. The Spaniard told reporters on Wednesday October 12, 2022: “People are free to discuss what they want. I have never been in a better dressing room it is. It’s a great pleasure to be in this group,” Aubameyang said of his latest clip. By posting on Twitter on Monday.

          “I knew there was a video released that was recorded after I just moved to Barca,” he said. in me very much Arsenal are doing great things this season. And I wish all my old friends good luck. But not on 6 November [in the Premier League game Chelsea will host the visit of the Gunners].” 

          In the video, Aubameyang also attacks allegations that he moved because of money and rumors about the £350,000-a-week contract he has with Arsenal. “I want to show them (Arsenal) because they think this guy (plays) only because of the UFABET money,” he added . he you see”