Elderly Society: Prepare to scream with ‘World Cup of Legends’, former world champion stars from 8 countries join the competition this summer

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• Even though the time machine doesn’t really exist. But the world of football is always happy to ‘relive the past’ for you.
• Prepare to meet the ‘World Cup of Legends’ in the middle of this year
• Legendary senior football stars from 8 world champion nations will compete in a mini tournament in the city of… good english

Elderly Society: Prepare to scream with 'World Cup of Legends', former world champion stars from 8 countries join the competition this summer

Meanwhile, the regular World Cup is starting the path to selecting participants. The 2026 tournament recently confirmed the rebirth of “Special World Cup” that will be the World Cup of legends Elderly football stars you miss That whether you are a football fan of Manchester United , Liverpool , Arsenal , Chelsea or any team. You will all be thrilled with this program.

Regular World Cup

Just passed and the memory has not yet faded for the 2022 World Cup, which actually started badly. (When not competing) but ended up being hailed as one of the best World Cup finals. If not the best of all time.

Just a glimpse of the wound The World Cup was more than a year ago and is now heading to a new version of the tournament in 2026. When the qualifying rounds for various zones will take place. Almost all of them have already started.

The 2026 World Cup will be the 23rd final. But it will be the first to be organized by three countries: USA – Canada – Mexico. And will be expanded to include 48 teams in the final. Which will cause the duration of the attack Increased from more than 1 full month to 5 weeks in mid-2026.

Latest updates The only thing that needs to be mentioned in this area is that the “competition date and location” has been officially specified. The field will open on June 11, 2026 at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, which means that one of the hosts. Mexico will have the right to play the opening match by default. It’s just a matter of who you meet.

With the recent determination of the date and location from FIFA. This still gives a rough picture. of the program came out as well. That each day of the first round There will be up to 4 matches on the field (except for the first 2 days where 2 matches are played per day). Then when entering the closing match the groups need to play at the same time. There will be many more games on the field, up to 6 games per day.

Opening the field at Azteca, then both Mexico and Canada will share the front page until the round of 16. When entering the final 8 teams onwards, only the United States will be “contracted” until the final match. The championship was won at MetLife Stadium, home of the NFL teams the New York Giants and New York Jets in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

(The result is that the United States has organized as many as 78 matches. While Canada and Mexico have received 13 matches each.)

The date and location have already been selected. As for the competition process for selecting teams to enter the final round, It will proceed as specified. Which will take many more years. It took time to select all 48 teams.

The War Elephants. The Thai national team will play home and away against South Korea at the end of next month, 21 – 26 March. After these two matches. It will become clear that Will we still be able to advance to the 3rd qualifying round or will we have to sing for the ยูฟ่าเบท World Cup final? for at least another 6 years