Jorginho was criticized for laughing at the Milan players during an interview

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Chelsea midfielder Jorginho He was criticized by football fans online after a clip appeared of him laughing at an AC Milan player during an interview after the UEFA Champions League game on Tuesday night.

     Chelsea and Italy midfielder Jorginho has drawn attention for his behavior following the Blues’ victory in Milan on Tuesday October 11, 2022 against Graham Potter’s side. Win 2-0 at San Siro, with Jorginho scoring his first goal from the penalty spot and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored the second goal to guarantee the team’s three points. The result was enough for the Blue Lions to rise to the top of the group after Dinamo Zagré. B and Red Bull Salzburg have a draw.

Jorginho was criticized for laughing at the Milan players during an interview

         The game has a lot to talk about. Former AC Milan defender Fikayo Tomori received a direct red card for a Mason Mount foul which turned into a penalty in the first half, while Sandro Tonali The Milan midfielder expressed his feelings about the referee after the UFABET game , with Jorginho standing there laughing, which caused displeasure for those who saw it.

         “There were a lot of such incidents during the game,” Tonali told Sky Sport Italia . “When you get a penalty and a red card after 18 minutes for that touch… ” touching a foul is it feels that way We got several yellow cards for an embarrassing free-kick in the first half. This is only in the first half.” “However, We have to look at the rest of the game. We try to play with pride and love. Although it was very difficult in that situation. It’s disappointing for all the football fans who came here tonight as the stadium was full. and expect a different competition We thank them for coming.”

  As Tonali finished his frustration. The cameras also turned to Jorginho as the Chelsea star prepared to comment on the game. Which will see the owner of the Euro 2020 champion laughing and this has caused a very bad response. Fans’ opinions for example “The one who doesn’t respect each other is Jorginho. If he reveals that character in the qualifying round Italy will go to the World Cup.” 

         The former Napoli star missed the penalty game against Switzerland which made his country miss Qatar and he admitted that he would be hit. “Haunted for life” from this mistake. But for Tuesday’s game against Milan he did not miss. “I think it’s a penalty. Maybe not a red card But yes it was a penalty ,” Jorginho said of Tomori’s incident. “Obviously it’s a different game when you get the lead and play with 10 men, it makes everything easier. This time it was us who played easier. It was an important win for us.”