Saka equals playing record with Arsenal legend

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Overtake the legend! Bukayo Saka, the wing of the “big guns” Arsenal, set a record equal to the club legend. After playing a derby match against Crystal Palace in the Premier League Which is a game of 82 matches, which if the next match comes down, will immediately break the previous record for the club

English Premier League Football Season 2023-24 On Monday, August 21, in the derby match, the “big guns” Arsenal team defeated Crystal Palace 1-0 with this ยูฟ่าเบท game coming Martin Odegaard scored a penalty to give the team a 1-0 win, although Arsenal were down to 10 men after Takehiro Tomiyasu sent off after receiving two yellow cards in the 67th minute.

Saka equals playing record with Arsenal legend

In addition to the victory of the Arsenal team, there will be an interesting statistic in this game, that is, Bukayo Saka, the winger of the “big guns” team, has made a record playing for the English Premier League football club. It was the 82nd game, a club record, equaled by ex-England midfielder Paul Merson, while third-placed Gael Clichy made 78 consecutive appearances for the club.

From such statistics, Bukayo Saka prepares the team to set a new record. If the next match is played for Arsenal at home to Fulham, he will be recorded as a player who has played for the club in succession in the Premier League. Most No. 1 exclusive right away

Bukayo Saka made his debut for Arsenal in the English Premier League on 9 May 2021 against West Brom, while Paul Merson played for the club between February 1995 to February 1997