Walker reveals why he hugged Vinicius and what he told him after the game

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Manchester City defender Kyle Walker has revealed how he hugged Real Madrid winger Vinicius Junior after last week’s Champions League game.

  Manchester City defender Kyle Walker has revealed he hugged Vinicius Junior after their Champions League semi-final first leg clashlast week. Because the Real Madrid star tried to do the Rainbow Flick (lift the ball over his head) at him, with Walker revealing that He didn’t want to go viral with this opponent’s skills. And asked the Brazilian star not to show the same act again. The two teams will meet in the second leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-final tonight (Wednesday May 17, 2023) in Manchester. after a 1-1 draw in the Spanish capital.

Walker reveals why he hugged Vinicius and what he told him after the game

          Vinicius scored for Real Madrid but Walker proved to be a serious contender for the brilliant winger. When able to do well in tracking him throughout the UFABET game. They both had a beautiful moment together at the end. And Walker has revealed what he said to his player rivals: pleading with the 22-year-old not to make him a meme in the future.

         “I hugged him because he was trying to do a rainbow flick (pushing the ball over his head) at me and I was like, ‘Please don’t do this again. I don’t want to be a meme or anything!’” said Walker. “I think the boxers fight and have a good fight and shake hands after that and that’s the respect I have for him. When it’s a good game You have to respect them because they deserve it. They carry a lot of pressure on their shoulders to lead big clubs to success in the Champions League . And this is the last award they have to win the championship. you show respect to them Tomorrow night if elected I will give him the respect he deserves after the final whistle. But before that it was a serious race.”

    The Rainbow Flick , known in Thailand as Milo, is a skill that involves pinching the ball up when a defender tries to take the ball. After that, he flicks the ball over the head of a defender. Ex-Barcelona superstar Ronaldinho is a remarkable use of this skill, while PSG star Neymar has been able to do so tried to do this pose many times And after 90 minutes of dealing with the Brazilian at the Santiago Bernabeu, Walker has a glimpse of what will happen tonight at the Etihad Stadium.

          The 22-year-old has been one of the best performing players in Europe this season, scoring 23 goals and providing 21 assists in 53 games across the season. And Walker will have to put a lot of pressure on getting his opponents to have a quiet game. Vinicius may be 10 years younger, but Walker. It’s still one of the fastest players. He hit a top speed of 35.2km/h in the Champions League this season, much faster than his younger counterpart Real Madrid. “I’m 32, but I’m not old,” Walker smiles. “I’m still feeling good, I’m still fit, not counting the groin injury before the World Cup. I work out in the gym to make sure my muscles can handle what I’m putting in.” Some people slow down But one sports science guy said I was 37.5km/h a day so I didn’t seem to slow down.”